Terms and Conditions

By sending payment and using our servers, You (the End User) agree to all the following Terms and Conditions:

Guarantee of Access: Access to Siri servers aren't as reliable as many make it seem; therefore, we do not guarantee access to the servers on a 24/7 basis. We cannot guarantee server access because we must perform maintenance, occasionally the servers can crash, and sometimes we cannot get new keys in right away. We will not refund any money because your device cannot connect to our servers 100% of the time. Also understand that the people monitoring the servers are not able to do so all day.

Payments: We accept all of our payments through PayPal. As such, you agree that you will not request your money back before or after you have received access to our servers. If you request your funds back without emailing us and receiving direct permission, you will be removed from our server access and you will not get a refund.

Misuse and Abuse: You agree to only use the information provided to you for your device only. You are allowed only ONE device per subscription. If you use the information provided on more than one device, you will be removed from the server and you agree to forfeit all funds used to purchase your access and you understand that you will not receive a refund. We reserve the right to cancel your service and block any IP addresses if we feel that you are misusing or abusing our services.

Refunds: As we said we will refund you ONLY if you can't get connected and ONLY after fisrt week from purchase date! If you bought your slot one month ago and you suddently want your money back, we can't refund you!

Legal Issues: If, for any reason, selling and/or providing server access to allow you to connect to Siri becomes illegal for any of the below reasons:

Apple changes their Terms and Conditions to state that only authorized devices can connect to their servers;
Apple requires that they must give explicit permission to access their servers (Example: Making it a private server);
California State Law (where Apple, Inc. is based) or U.S. Federal Law changes to states connecting to a server or network requires explicit permission from the owner of the server or network,

Then we will cancel service immediately without informing you beforehand. Also, we do not guarantee a refund of the money in this case.